IEEE Membership and Dues

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, pronounced "eye-triple-E") is an international professional association for electrical engineers, computer engineers, and computer scientists. Our club is a student branch of the IEEE under the Tucson section.
Membership dues are $16 for non-members. These dues help pay for the room's supplies and maintenance. To join the UofA student branch, please swing by the room and ask an officer to sign you up. You will need to present your IEEE member number.

Click here to become a national member of the IEEE.

While you can join just the local campus branch of IEEE, we highly recommend joining the national IEEE organization itself. Being a member of IEEE grants access to amazing collection of resources that can help boost your engineering career if you take advantage of it. For instance, membership grants you access to the IEEE's job/internship listing service, software from companies such as Microsoft or National Instruments, research publications, and much more.

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Club Meetings and Events

One of the UA IEEE student branch's biggest goals is to maintain and operate our open lab, so that students have a place to go to almost anytime. We welcome you to come get homework help or just hang out. We will also have regular meetings this semester, however the dates and times are yet to be determined. We will also hold meetings for special events, tech-talks, or workshops. We'll usually announce the dates of upcoming meetings on the club mailing list and on this website.

In addition, our club helps host meetings and events for or in partnership with other clubs on campus. One notable example of this is the IEEE/GameDev Game Nights that we hold in partnership with the Game Development club, in addition to providing a place for them to have their meetings.